OBDX Pro VX – OBD2 Diagnostics and Tuning


OBDX Pro VX is a next generation in the OBDX series which is designed to turn your laptop into a cutting edge diagnostic scanner for monitoring live vehicle data, fault code reading and even tuning.

The OBDX Pro VX supports OBD2 Protocols Dual wire high-speed CANBus and VPW which is commonly implemented in GM vehicles from 1996 to 2021+.



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The OBDX Pro VX is the next generation in the OBDX product family that is able to turn your laptop or smartphone (Apple iPhones and Android) into a cutting edge diagnostic scanner that is capable of monitoring live vehicle data, read and clear codes and can even be used to flash your vehicles PCM.

The OBDX Pro VX supports the following OBD2 protocols:

  • Dual wire high speed CAN Bus which is found in almost all modern GM vehicles from 2006 and newer. This is typically used for communication to engine and transmissions in most vehicles along with other computers.
  • J1850-VPW which is commonly implemented in GM vehicles between 1996 to 2006, this has been designed to be the fastest, most efficient and advanced tool on the market for communicating to any vehicle utilizing the VPW diagnostic protocol.

With Legacy ELM327 command support, OBDX Pro VX is compatible with many diagnostic applications for both smartphone and windows PC including Torque, Dash Command, ScanXL and Track Addict. Unlike most other OBD2 adapters, the OBDX Pro VX extends its capabilities with custom OBDX commands that allows flashing custom tunes using programs such as LS Droid or PCM Hammer.

To ensure the latest and greatest capabilities are always in our customers hands, OBDX Pro VX supports firmware upgrades to ensure any new protocol support or changes can be easily updated to any device. This also includes support for J2534 compliant applications including GMs SPS system used for online programming.

Key Features

  • 1.8m (~6ft) USB Cable
  • Supports USB, Bluetooth and Wifi connections
  • Capable of Advanced Diagnostics or Tuning when used with supporting software
  • Supported by LS Droid & PCM Hammer
  • Supports 4x high-speed programming
  • Read & clear ‘Check Engine’ light using free applications
  • Supports ELM327 OBD2 Applications(Windows PC, Android & IOS)
  • Supports J2534 programming
  • Free firmware updates


Below is a comparison between the OBDX Pro VX, GT and FT scantools

OBD Protocol | Supported Models
ALDL                | GT
VPW                  | VX, GT
HS CANbus     | VX, GT, FT
GMLAN            | GT
MS CANbus     | FT
FEPs 18v          | FT

Supported Software Protocol | Supported Model
DPDU (Tech2win)                     | GT
J2534                                          |  VX,GT,FT


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