OBDXplorer Update v1.0.0.1

Categories: Update

This update adds support for GM CAN based ECUs which covers majority all modern GM vehicles! such ECUs include E38, E67, E39, E55, E92, E98, E40 ect. Our latest OBDX GT cable will be required which is available from this link: OBDX Pro GT

This update also addressed a few performance issues through a complete overhaul of the graphing system to allow a smoother and faster graphing experience. There have also been alot of various other background changes which do not alter the UI (yet), but there are heaps of new additions in the works including log replay, histograms, chart exporting, remote live data monitoring and various ECU learn procedures.

We can’t wait to see customers using this new update for diagnostics and tuning, and look forward to hearing your feedback!