Author: Jason @OBDXPro


The SAE D-PDU API (ISO 22900) for Tech2win is now supported for our OBDX pro GT scantool. The Tech2win D-PDU installer is available from our websites download page.

The D-PDU API is similar to that of SAE J2534 standard where it allows scantool manufactures to support multiple dealership softwares by meeting the D-PDU (ISO 22900) compliance. For GM, tech2win is the only diagnostic application they provide to the public which supports this API.

This new release allows our OBDX Pro GT to work with tech2win which is a professional GM diagnostic application that allows dealership grade diagnostics. Tech2win allows performing diagnostics on multiple GM vehicles, typically in the range of 1990 through to 2012, this application can be purchased from the acdelco website.

We have tested the OBDX Pro GT with tech2win on multiple Holden parts including instrument clusters, Body Control Modules (BCM), Engine Control Modules (ECU including P01,E40,E38,E55 ect), Transmission Control Modules (TCM) and a variety of other parts found in VT to VE Holden Commodores.

The D-PDU API has been strictly designed for Tech2win only, so it may not work nicely with any other vehicle manufacture software. We can add support for other softwares but will require access to the software to ensure we meet all of its requirements.

If you are interested in hearing more about the SAE D-PDU API and why it is important, click here to see our post.


The SAE J2534 standard is now supported for our OBDX pro GT scantool. The J2534 installer is available from our websites download page.

J2534 is one of the most heavily used standards around the world which is typically used with dealership software or various commercial software. If you are interested in hearing more about J2534 and why it is important, click here to see our post.

Our early testers and users have flashed hundreds of Electronic Control Modules (ECUs) between them,  utilizing multiple J2534 compliant software including dealership and commercial tools. Our own development and daily programming sessions have been in cars or bench setups using GM’s SPS1, Techline Connect, SPS2, GDS2 and various other J2534 software for diagnostics and performing updates on GM ECUs.

As the J2534 is a standard used by many manufactures, the OBDX GT can be used on other vehicle manufacture brands since the most common OBD2 protocol is CANbus, which our OBDX GT supports.

We are working very closely with multiple J2534 software developers and also end users to ensure our tools work with as many 3rd party and dealership software as physically possible! If you are a developer and need some custom abilities, or use a dealership software which does not automatically work, please contact us for help! 


This update adds support for GM CAN based ECUs which covers majority all modern GM vehicles! such ECUs include E38, E67, E39, E55, E92, E98, E40 ect. Our latest OBDX GT cable will be required which is available from this link: OBDX Pro GT

This update also addressed a few performance issues through a complete overhaul of the graphing system to allow a smoother and faster graphing experience. There have also been alot of various other background changes which do not alter the UI (yet), but there are heaps of new additions in the works including log replay, histograms, chart exporting, remote live data monitoring and various ECU learn procedures.

We can’t wait to see customers using this new update for diagnostics and tuning, and look forward to hearing your feedback!


OBDX Pro GT is the next generation in the OBDX product family that is designed to turn your laptop or smartphone (Apple iPhones and Android) into a cutting edge diagnostic scanner for monitoring vehicle live data, fault code reading and even computer flashing.

The OBDX Pro GT is specifically designed for General Motor (GM) vehicles including Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Buick and Holdens. It also supports many other manufactures and vehicles as it supports the world adopted OBD2 CANbus protocol used in most modern vehicles.

Not only does the OBDX Pro GT support most OBD2 smartphone applications (Such as Torque and dashcommand), but it also support dealership software with its SAE J2534 API and D-PDU API making it one of the most capable devices on the planet for GM vehicles!

The main features of this tool include:

  • USB, Classic Bluetooth (Android), BLE (iPhone) and WIFI (Android and iPhone) support
  • SAE J2534 support (Tested with Techline SPS, GDS2, DPS and multiple other J2534 applications)
  • Tech2win D-PDU support
  • Support for all iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android smartphones
  • Supports all GM’s primary OBD protocols (ALDL, J1850-VPW, CAN, GMLAN)
  • Supports ELM327 OBD2 Applications for smartphone and windows PC
Please see our dedicated product page here for more information and demonstration videos.