Software Licensing and Credits

Utilizing unofficial, non genuine, cracked or non-activated windows versions is not supported, this can result in unexpected startup errors or licensing problems. All software developed by OBDX Pro is not supported in an virtual or emulated environment/machines, attempting to do so will result in an instant termination of license without any refund or compensation of losses.

Software Licensing:

Our software licensing may change between products, please see the product page to see which licensing system is being used then review this page for further details.

OBDX Pro may use licensing systems which can include but not limited to:
1) Licensed to Scantool
2) Licensed to Scantool with Credits Licensing
3) Licensed to Scantool with Subscription Licensing
4) Licensed to Scantool with Ad’s Revenue and Credits based Licensing

All of our licensing systems allow migrating licenses between computers/phones as the license is linked to the scantool in use. If a scantool is LOST or DESTROYED, then a replacement scantools unique signature can replace the original tools with an admin fee of $49. Please note this admin fee is our processing time to replace all old scantool licenses with the new scantool license, this fee is NOT included in the purchase of a replacement scantool.

Scantools CANNOT SHARE licensing. This means that if a workshop has two scantools but has only used one scantool to license a software/Credit/Subscription, then only the licensed scantool can be used. The unlicensed scantool requires its own license/s to be used.

ALL licenses can be revoked and terminated without refund and without any prior acknowledgement if it is found that the end users usage of the application does not comply to our terms an conditions.

ALL of our software require internet access for registration, there is no offline activation available.

Subscription and Credit based applications will require internet access to update licensing details, failure to comply will result in application termination until internet access is provided, there is no offline option available.

Subscription/Credit based applications will automatically alert OBDX pro of any attempts to tamper with subscription and/or any part of the application, this will result in immediately license termination without refund. This will also result in blacklisting/banning the scantool unique signature from being used with any future products or systems.

Software Credits

Software credits can only be used once to register/license the requested item. No refunds or replacement credits are supplied if the customer changes mind or incorrectly licenses the wrong item/product. The cost of credits can change without any prior acknowledgement at any time.

Credits are not exchangeable or transferable, and can only be used for the product as per the credit listing description.