OBDX Pro GT SAE J2534 API Release

Categories: Update

The SAE J2534 standard is now supported for our OBDX pro GT scantool. The J2534 installer is available from our websites download page.

J2534 is one of the most heavily used standards around the world which is typically used with dealership software or various commercial software. If you are interested in hearing more about J2534 and why it is important, click here to see our post.

Our early testers and users have flashed hundreds of Electronic Control Modules (ECUs) between them,  utilizing multiple J2534 compliant software including dealership and commercial tools. Our own development and daily programming sessions have been in cars or bench setups using GM’s SPS1, Techline Connect, SPS2, GDS2 and various other J2534 software for diagnostics and performing updates on GM ECUs.

As the J2534 is a standard used by many manufactures, the OBDX GT can be used on other vehicle manufacture brands since the most common OBD2 protocol is CANbus, which our OBDX GT supports.

We are working very closely with multiple J2534 software developers and also end users to ensure our tools work with as many 3rd party and dealership software as physically possible! If you are a developer and need some custom abilities, or use a dealership software which does not automatically work, please contact us for help!