Thankyou For Using OBDX Pro!

It means the world that you have decided to proceed with one of our products! Pete and I (Jason) are always here to help out if you need.

Please scroll down below for information about how to get setup and using your OBDX tool!

Usage and Precautions (Read First!)

When using your new OBDX Pro device, please make sure to never leave it in wet or damp conditions to ensure the device is not damaged from water and moisture.
Please also do not leave the device plugged into your vehicle permanently as this can result in draining battery power, and also result in damaging the tool if a battery is left on very low power for extended time.

Our current range of OBDX Pro tools have 3 LED lights that display on the top.

  • The LED labelled Power will light up once the tool has power from either the OBD2 port or from a USB cable.
  • The LED labelled Status will flash blue when the tool has not yet communicated with a PC application or smartphone application. It will go solid blue if successful communication with a smartphone application or will turn off if successful communication with a PC application.
  • The LED labelled OBD will only flash when the tool is communicating with an application or sending/receiving vehicle data.

How to Setup for Android Smartphone or Tablet

The video below demonstrates how to pair and Android device to an OBDX tool using Bluetooth, along with how to get setup using a popular free app called dash command!

How to Setup for iOS Smartphone or Tablet

The video below demonstrates how to connect your iOS smartphone or tablet bluetooth (BLE) using a free OBD application called Car Scanner!

How to Setup for Windows PC and Tablets

The video below demonstrates how to install the required OBDX Driver on Windows.
A link to the downloads page to get the driver can be found here also:

How to Setup J2534 and D-PDU Usage for OBDX Tools

J2534 and D-PDU are protocols used commonly with dealership software’s such as GM’s GDS2 and Tech2win.
These implementations are still in progress for OBDX tools, but we are getting closer to release!
The video below demonstrates our OBDX Pro VT flashing a PCM using GM’s Techline SPS2 software.